have a big project in mind?

dream projectsLast week with one of my awesome clients, let’s call her Jo, we were talking about her dream to start a dance company. Jo currently owns a dance studio and as she has been working on growing that business, she’s let her own creative expression get pushed to the backburner.


In our second session, Jo started telling me how she was researching performance venues and wanting to set up some dates for a show so that she can finally get her company going.


“Hold up -- ”

I reminded her that she hasn’t even started rehearsals or gathered her dancers together. The idea of performing and doing a show was so exciting, but also stressful because of the work it would take to put together right now - on top of her usual studio work. Instead of going that route, we made a plan for her to get her modern dance class and rehearsal time on the studio schedule weekly, as well as begin outreach for dancers who might want to get involved.


Suddenly, it felt manageable. The pressure to raise money and put on a production dissolved, and she was able to get back to the core of her dream: doing the actual dancing and choreographing she is longing to do.


There will be a time when planning a show is the right thing, but right now what’s most important for Jo is doing the actual work.


I share this story today, because it’s a pattern I notice a lot in my clients and in myself.

It can be easier to plan and dream and get caught in a whirlwind of stress around all of that stuff, instead of just plain and simply doing the work.


Whether or not you have a big project in mind, this Creative Friday I encourage you to simplify and just do the work you love to do.

Want to launch a stand-up comedy tour? Tell more jokes. Post them to Facebook or email them to friends.

Want your own dance studio? Start dancing more in the 4 square feet of space you do have.

Want to publish a book? Start writing every day or start a blog to get your ideas out there.


Get my gist?


There will be a time and space to work towards a giant project, but if it feels too overwhelming or stressful, don’t force it.

Find a different “in” to your dream. What I’ve discovered is that you can create your “in” by simply doing the work. Magic happens when you align yourself with what you truly want to be doing.


Next week, I’ll talk more about how to determine when it IS time to launch something big, so stay tuned for that if you’re in the zone.

Do YOU have a big project in mind? Have you pulled off a big project recently and have advice to share?

Please post a comment below and let 'er rip.


to doing your thing,


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