in honor of vday: why i dance

Today’s post couldn’t be forced. I tried many times earlier this week to write something in honor of love, sexuality, and creativity as we approach Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  

I waited and waited but it wasn’t ready to emerge.


why i danceAnd then I found myself last night in a brick-walled warehouse, surrounded by people I didn’t know and flooded with music, poetry and stories that somehow knew me. It was the launch party of a film called Why I Dance.


I was moved to tears.


And I realized why today’s post wasn’t ready until it was ready.


So, what I’ll share with you today is a poem I wrote, inspired by the experience, and a quick note of encouragement:


Be patient with your own emergence.

Trust the movement inside of you.

Let go of force and let yourself dance.

Your body is sacred, so treat her that way.


In honor of Vday tomorrow, I encourage you to watch the film, find a movement near you and if there isn’t one, create your own.


Love yourself today and always,



(a poem in honor of Vday, inspired by the women of the #whyidance film)


why I dance


to shake off the clouds that keep me from myself

to shake off the times I said yes when I really meant no


to let go

to grieve

to feel joy

to feel free


to feel myself as a source of my own pleasure


I dance


for reasons I don’t fully understand yet

for all that I don’t yet know about my body

for all that I crave to understand


to connect to what women always knew before it felt unsafe


I dance


for the pain we’ve been through


I dance


for the uprising in progress


I dance


so that the young bodies after me

can dance freely if they choose


I dance

I dance

I dance



Let’s dance this VDay and always.

One step at a time we can reclaim our lost parts and create an uprising inside us all – women, men, and children. 


If you feel inspired, share your reasons for dancing below. I'd love to hear.