the work you resist most is the work you’re meant to do

It’s not necessarily what you do all day long that makes you an artist.


Most of us have “normal people duties” to attend to like food shopping, laundry, work, paying the bills, doctors appointments, kid stuff…. you get the point.


It’s what you do in the precious windows of time that you do have to yourself.

It’s the act of actually making time for yourself.

That’s what makes you an artist.


If you wish you could start dancing more, paint again, or begin that novel you’ve been dreaming up, take a look at what you’re doing on a daily basis.


Are you scrolling through your Facebook feed instead of submitting your work to an art festival?

Are you playing around with website themes instead of actually writing a blog post?

Are you organizing your files instead of picking up the phone and reaching out to a potential client?

Are you _________(Z)_________ instead of _________(A)__________ ?

Fill in the blanks with (Z), the task you don’t really need to do, and (A), the task that you keep putting off . Your (A) is the thing you’re really meant to do.


Start doing it.


Easier said than done? You bet.


There’s a deeper reason you’re resisting the real work you’re meant to do. It might be fear, doubt, comparison, or another inner battle that’s silently stopping you.


And let’s face it, it’s more comfortable to NOT do that thing.


DancerLiving as an artist of any kind takes courage.

It takes a constant dance outside of your comfort zone.

It takes the risk of being laughed at or called selfish.

It takes persistence and determination.


Why put all that on the line?


You tell me your reason, but here’s mine:

NOT living as an artist feels like a cop out.

NOT living as an artist feels like I’m living a lie.

NOT living as an artist feels empty, disconnected, and kinda boring.


Deep down I know that I need to create or I’ll flatline. (tweet it)

I need to open my channels and let that force speak through me.

It’s my passion, my heart speaking, my survival.


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Tell me about you -

What are you resisting most right now?

Why do YOU feel the need to be an artist and create through your life?


Say it out loud in the comment box below and take a stand for the life you want to live.


You need to constantly remind yourself of your Big Why, as I like to call it, or else time will keep escaping you.

because your expression matters,


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