7 creative things to do in a snowstorm

snow dance If you're in the North East right now like me, chances are you're about to be snowed in for awhile.

(And if you're not, just pretend it's snowing outside and give yourself permission to stay in.)

Here are 7 creative things you could do while the storm rages on:


  1. Refer to your busy-bored lists - or create them here - and check in with something you might want to do.
  2. Use the Dance Shuffle Solution to work through a decision or question you have.
  3. Do something new or different on social media.
  4. Dance. In the snow or in the shower.
  5. Watch dance. Did I mention that I'm obsessed with Dance Academy on Netflix? I also have made a lot of videos you can watch for fun here.
  6. Write a letter: to or from your future self, to someone you haven't seen in a long time, to Santa Claus, to me.
  7. Apply to the Thriving Artist’s Program. This is the last week to get in on this life-changing 6-month experience with me.

As always, this is a 2-way street, so feel free to comment below and let me know how you're doing, what you're dancing to, or what you're pondering in your creative life and beyond.

stay warm and dance on, Jess