have you been chasing dreams for too long?

noteA note to the old you:

[Cue the sad violin music now.]

I know, life is hard sometimes.

It can seem like your circumstances hold you back: your job, your living situation, your health, your parents, your finances, to name a few.

It can seem like those around you have it so easy and somehow they get their ideas and dreams out there with no struggle.

It can feel isolating, confusing. Maybe even depressing.

I know you’ve wanted to give up many times.

I know you’ve told yourself something like: “But there’s not enough time or resources to really do what I want.” “If only I had the luxury to focus on my dreams!” [Sigh.....]

Hold it right there. Stop the violins.

Woe is not you.

It’s time to stop living from the past. It’s time to focus on the power that lies within you. The real you. 

Tomorrow happens to be a New Moon in the sign of Gemini, which marks the perfect turning point for evaluating what’s holding you back from your dreams and then giving you the springboard for inspired action, new ideas and connections.

Take a moment right now to connect back into yourself -

  • What dreams have you been holding back?
  • What do you desire most? What’s the vision you have for yourself?

Whatever it is, your vision is real and I want you to see it clearly. The hopes and dreams you carry deep inside are meant to make their way to the surface. You don’t have to hide any longer.


So let me talk to the real you now:

And I speak from experience -

I’ve done my share of hiding, of blaming others for holding me back.

I’ve also done my share of stepping out into the spotlight, little by little, despite all the emotions it triggers. And because of those small steps, I’ve experienced incredible transformation and growth over the past few years. (In case you didn’t know me back then, the old me of a few years ago was not writing a blog, performing and dancing regularly, or teaching Flashdance-inspired dance classes.)

Creative Fridays has been my platform for sharing this journey in hopes that it inspires you on yours. For the past 70 weeks (yes I actually calculated that) I’ve been writing to you weekly and hearing back from you stories of struggle and hope and gratitude for the connection this community brings to your creative expression.  And in all this time, I’ve never felt such an urgency building up, such a call to take action and make things happen!


This is where you come in:

If you’re reading this email and feeling a YES, it means that you’re also riding this wave of urgency and expansion and you know it’s time to step into yourself more fully. 

I happen to have a few spots open in my creative coaching experience The Thriving Artist’s Program which is a bridge for making your dreams a reality. It’s a chance to take things off email for a change and really dig into what’s longing to transform in your life and creativity.

Because of how extremely jazzed I am about this, knowing what a difference it could make in your life, I’m opening up 9 spots for a complimentary Creative Guidance Session with me. Next Friday is the deadline to sign up.

We can talk via phone or skype, so it really doesn’t matter where you live. What matters most is that you feel ready to take action and that you desire a shift.

What you’ll get is a 30-minute space focused on you, time to talk through what’s been holding you back, what you see possible for yourself, and the path we could take to help you get there more gracefully. I might even teach you a new dance move.

All you have to do is message me and say “Let’s do this.”  I’ll respond as soon as I can and get you set up.

If you feel those doubts creeping in, if the violin starts playing in the background as you gradually drift away into the old, scared you who doesn’t think there’s enough and worries too much....


You got this.

The real magic-makers of the world don’t wait for someone to hand them the luxury of time and space and money to make sh*t happen. They just start acting as if they already have exactly what they need and let it go from there.

If you don’t see it in yourself, I will.

Email me now and let’s talk so I can say “told you so” when your dreams become doable. (It’s always fun being right, isn’t it? ;)

to riding the wave of possibility, jess

p.s. I’ll leave you with a song from one of my favorite artists that I encourage you to dance to.  Listen to the words - these in particular:

We can all be free, we hold the key If we can see what we wanna be Life's never easy, you get no guarantees Why not give your all and see what you can find?- Irene Cara, “The Dream”