"too late" to pursue your dream? let Prancercise change your mind

prancerciseIf the thought ever crosses your mind that it’s too late get started with something - i.e. learning to play electric guitar, studying Chinese, or becoming an aerobics instructor, to name a few - I encourage you to think again.


I almost got caught up in that trap of regret this week when I saw a ballet performance at Lincoln Center. A tiny voice in my head started to whisper... “Oh you missed your chance, Jess...” as if to say that because I didn’t stick with the traditional path of the ballet world, because I started to dance again years after the “prime” age to do so, I might as well not even continue what I’m doing. “It’s too late.”


Then a day later I witnessed something that helped me to knock this thought pattern completely out of my mind, which is what I want to share with you today.

If you didn’t already hear about her via YouTube or the Today Show, let me introduce you to Joanna Rohrback, creator of Prancercise® A Fitness Revolution!

What inspires me most about Joanna and her concept is not only the authenticity and kookiness that shines through, as well as her awesome hair-do, but more importantly it’s her story.

She first conceived of the idea of Prancercise in 1989 and began writing a book about it by hand at the library. After over 20 years, some of which included dealing with and healing from a health issue and doing work as a social worker and a realtor, she decided it was time to prance again.


As she says in her interview with The Daily Beast:

“I wake up and here it is, 2012. Oh my god, I had never fulfilled my dream,” she said. “The top of my bucket list.”


So this 61-year old sensation decided to self-publish her book and release her first Prancercise video the public. It’s now gotten over a million hits on YouTube and she can’t even keep up with all the publicity she is getting.

 Many watch her video from a mocking point of view, but I can only look on with awe and a revived sense of “anything is possible.” Maybe it's not too late.


So my question for you this week is:


What dream have you been holding back for far too long?

What’s one small step you can take to feel more connected to that dream and to yourself?


One dance video at a time, we can shift our reality.

Don’t forget it.


to prancing your prance,