is it really never too late?

Oh, how time can be wasted.


The searching.

The indecisive flip-flopping in your mind.

The thousand of hours in front of a screen.

The obligatory dinners that happen out of habit.

The running from one thing to the next until you end up crashing.


Then that moment when you wake up.


Am I really happy?

Am I doing what I really want to do be doing?

Is what I want even possible - or deserved?

Is it too late to try?


If you’re asking yourself those questions, you’re probably an artist.


Not necessarily a paintbrush-in-hand kind of artist, but an artist at heart, no matter what medium you choose to use or not use.


There’s something in you that longs to be expressed.


You can ignore that calling, or you can follow it.


When you listen to the part of you that is unfulfilled, you start to understand what your life is truly about.


I get this reminder often, for example. It took me floundering all day yesterday, doing my work, attempting to write a blog post but feeling stuck, wandering, being stuck in my thoughts, and all the time feeling like I was missing out on something. (What was it?) The feelings of impatience, longing, and grasping for something that would satisfy.


Finally I landed at a dance studio at 8:15pm. I walked into the place and my whole body released. Home. That unmistakable feeling of home.


I stepped into the Afro-Brazilian class and the teacher had us walk in a circle while stretching and rolling our shoulders. We stopped and faced each other, reaching up to the sky and down to the floor.


And then. The drums.


The drummer started playing and I almost cried.


Nothing else mattered in that moment - not the time I had wasted earlier or the frustration I had been feeling - because I was there dancing to the drum beat.


And something interesting happened while I was going through the class -


I would think about people in my life and dedicate the dance to them. I felt my heart opening as I did that, and each movement took on even more meaning and oomph.


Some might say a dance unseen doesn’t impact the world, but I beg to differ.


And so on this Friday afternoon, I encourage you to dance your dance. Find your dance - your literal or metaphorical dance. Find your home.


When you find your dance, you come home to yourself, and you realize that it really never is too late. Because all that matters is what’s happening right now, on the dance floor and in your body.


If you are experiencing that longing, if you’re worried it might be too late to listen to the hole inside of you, if you don’t know where to begin, it’s time to reach out. Because you don’t have to flounder anymore. You don’t have to go at it alone.


Here’s the opportunity -


In July, spots will be opening up in my Thriving Artist’s Program, the creative coaching program I designed to guide you back home into the truest expression of your artistic self.


If you’re serious about making a change in your life,

If you no longer want to settle,

If you feel excited or terrified about the idea of connecting deeply to your artistic self,


Oh honey, this is for YOU!


Because this is such a unique and tailored experience, and because of how deeply I believe in this work, I’m opening up 9 spots for a complimentary Creative Guidance Session with me. Next Friday is the deadline to sign up.

We can talk via phone or skype, so it really doesn’t matter where you live. What matters most is that you feel ready to take action and that you desire a shift. What you’ll get is a 30-minute space focused on you, time to talk through what’s been holding you back, what you see possible for yourself, and the path we will take to help you get there more gracefully. I might even teach you a new dance move.


All you have to do is fill out this application.

If it seems like what you are going through is aligned for what I have to offer, I’ll respond as soon as I can and get you set up for a session.


If you feel like doubling back and staying safe in what you already know, it’s even more reason to take this leap and talk to me.


Those with the most fear and resistance have the biggest breakthroughs.


Apply now to claim your Creative Guidance Session and let’s get things in motion.


to the beat inside of you,