your creativity is not a luxury

wassupToday’s message is short and sweet:


Your creativity is not a luxury to reserve for the moment when everything is perfect again.


Your creativity is your savior right now. Right in the midst of all the tough stuff and your busy schedule.


Your creativity is what will help you pick up the pieces, smush them back together, and present them back to the world in a new and unique way. In a way that is purely, genuinely, vulnerably you. In a way that will elicit emotions and connection from other human beings, inspiring them to feel something long tucked away.


It has the potential to change lives. To save lives.


Do not forget this.


It’s time.


Come home to your creative self.


If you don’t know how, just start somewhere. Do a dance. Draw. Sing. Make something.


(And if you feel lost,  I have an awesome GPS system that can help you find your true north.)


When have YOU experienced creative or artistic expression as a life saver or life changer? Has it ever helped you get through a rough time? Please share below!


you have arrived,



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p.p.s. In honor of Father's Day coming up and the reminder that creativity is not a luxury, let my dad remind you to dance in the rain: