let’s take a creative inventory

As we wind down the year, I’m not one to encourage resolutions, but I am in full support of taking more time for reflection during the winter season.

One of the theories I live by is this:

We are connected to the cycles of nature, the cycles in our bodies. We are not merely human machines made to constantly produce. There must be time built in for rest and renewal if we truly want to thrive creatively.

In honor of that, I’ve designed a Creative Inventory for you:

A 5-minute survey that will help you slow down, check in, and tap into what’s true for you, so that in 2017 and beyond you can be more clear, more inspired, and more in tune with your creative cycles.

Join me in filling this out at some point between now and Sunday night January 1st, and you’ll receive:

  • A free copy of my Year-End Reflection Guide, full of my favorite books and video for creative inspiration, plus more questions to ponder as we sink into the winter season.
  • A complimentary check-in email from me in the Spring, plus other inspiring options, to help you stay on track with your intentions and stay connected to your creative muses.

Click here to complete your Creative Inventory and get your gifts!

And remember, the more time you take now to slow down and renew, the more creative energy will be ready to burst forth in just a few months.

your friend in the cycles, Jess

p.s. The conclusion of this year feels particularly potent since we are approaching the 5 year anniversary of Creative Fridays! If you’re in NYC, save the date for the evening of Friday January 13th in Brooklyn for a celebration event - more details to come. And remember to give yourself the gift of reflection and take 5 minutes for your Creative Inventory here. I can’t wait to hear from you :)