why you can’t get anything done this week

Anyone else feel like their work efforts are pushing upstream?

If so, I hope this helps, and if not, put it in your back pocket for next time you’re struggling.

Sometimes I feel like I bang this point into the ground so much, but I think it’s the kind of reminder we need to hear over and over again:



(Like the ALL-CAPS emphasis on that one?)

If you keep pushing yourself, you’ll end up with a broken leg or the flu (like I did in the fall).  Not fun.

This theory is a huge part of the cyclical method of creativity that I teach in many of my programs. I’m going to outline a bit of it here for you.

Here are 3 reasons for you to stay in bed as late as possible, push back deadlines, and just generally slow down as much as possible right now:

  1. It’s Winter.

    It’s the friggin season of the slow down. Mother nature takes a break from outer growth, so why shouldn’t we? Instead of starting new things and diving into New Year’s resolutions, try cultivating your inner world. Listen to your dreams. Do the kind of creative projects that just feel good to you - even if they don’t seem to have a purpose.

  1. It’s Mercury Retrograde.

    I’m no astrologer but I have been following really great ones for years now and this stuff really works for me. From what I hear, until January 8th we’re in the midst of the time of year when the planet Mercury goes Retrograde - this is known for messing up communications and technology. Again, don’t push yourself to do a million things during this time. Finish up unfinished things. Get the thing fixed that you’ve been meaning to get fixed. You get the gist.

  1. You’re pre-menstrual.

    Ok, maybe you’re not right in this moment, but I am and I felt compelled to write about it. When I’m pre-menstrual (technically called the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle) it’s a time when I don’t feel like doing shit - for good reasons! Hormones get a bit whacky and the body requires way more rest than usual, as well as more B-vitamins (hello, gluten free zucchini bread!)

    This is a time when my clothes are in heaps all over my floor, dishes get piled up in the sink, and I really don’t want to go out and be social. (Usually a day or 2 before my period I get this surge to clean my entire apartment, so eventually things get back into order!)

    If you feel this too, don’t fight the feeling. Nourish your body with good food and plenty of physical activity. Stay in bed longer. Wait until after your period to start the new projects or do lots of things. You’ll be more aligned energetically at that point and it will feel much more effortless.

    Want more on this topic? Check out my friend Lisa Lister’s book Love Your Lady Landscape, of which I was a proud contributor!

    (BTW if you don’t get your period because you’re a man or you’ve stopped menstruating for various reasons, you can still tune into cycles in your body and cycles in the moon!)

Did I convince you? ;)

Comment below and tell me your agreements or objections or obsessions.

from the front lines of the snooze button, Jess

p.s. As a creativity coach, you would think it’s not in my best interest to tell everyone to stop creating, right? I could totally be someone who pushes the idea of creating and producing all the time, but that would just be against my values and against the cyclical nature of life.

There are far too many things out there trying to push us to do more and be more and have more now, so here’s a place where you know you can always take a break from it.

You’re wonderful just the way you are.