5 steps to making aligned choices

I’ve spent so much of my life in the kinda/maybe/sort-of land, not fully committing or making decisions until it became absolutely torturous or until someone else made the decision for me.


For example -


Person: “Are you moving to LA or just visiting?”

Me: “Well, I’m kinda moving there…”


Person: “Do you want to go see this movie tonight?”

Me: “Maybe…”

It was much easier to play the confused role.

It was much easier to say “I don’t know” than it was to take a stand for SOMETHING and risk that it might not be “right” or that it might bother someone else.


The results of being in this energy?

bedMixed messages. Doing one thing while thinking about something else. Never fully being IN anything. Lots of time and energy wasted on overthinking. People’s feelings = hurt.


It basically sucks.


Can you relate at all? Have you ever “kinda/maybe/sort-of”-ed your way through a situation?


If you recognize how you’ve been playing a role in keeping yourself and others stuck in this mode, I have a proposal for you.


This is my 5-step body-based formula for making a choice:


  1. Think about one scenario that you’re confused on.

  2. Write down the potential choices you could make within that scenario.

  3. One by one, embody each of those choices by dancing and moving around to what it feels like for you.

  4. Take note of what your body wants to do when you imagine each choice, and pay attention to the feelings that come up for each. Write these down next to each potential choice on your list.

  5. Make a bold move to pick one of them, based on what your body is telling you.


Feel free to use this and re-use this strategy as needed.


And if it doesn’t come easy at first, that makes total sense. Be gentle with yourself, because understanding the language of your heart and body takes time. (Believe me, I’m still working on it.)


What I know for sure is this:


By getting more connected to your body, you’ll exercise your ability to literally MOVE forward in your life.


When you stop creating drama that clouds your truth, you free yourself up to create your dreams, your art, and your passions.


In other words, you truly become the creator of your life.


What would YOU be freed up to do if you actually were able to make clear-cut decisions?

Tell me, please! There’s a blank comment box below waiting to be filled by you.

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And, if you’re in the midst of making decisions or feeling stuck in transitions in your life, I invite you to join me on a 4-week journey that starts next week.

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The answers are inside of you.

Life is inside of you.

You can create what you desire.

It is safe for you to take up space, expand and grow.

Your body is a sacred portal to your dreams.


moving with you,


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