time for a fresh start

santa barbara  

Let out a big sigh, creative one.


Are you ready for a fresh start?

Ready to lighten up your load?


Sometimes all it take is some focused intention.



When was the last time you sat down and talked about your dreams?

When was the last time you really listened to your heart and soul?


These words: “dreams,” “heart,” “soul,” can sound very cheesey. Words reserved for 9 year old girls with bedazzled headbands, maybe, or the next meeting of the woo-woo club.


But what if those words were actually applicable to YOU?


This weekend, I encourage you to try them on.


Make time and space for yourself, or gather with a group of close friends, and do the following:


  • On one piece of paper, write out all the crap you’re sick and tired of - the situations or behaviors that are draining you.


  • Put on a piece of music that stirs your emotions, and dance with this piece of paper until you’re ready to rip it up and throw it away.


  • Then, take another piece of paper, write down the question, “Dear Heart & Soul of mine, what is it that you truly want?” Then free-write from the perspective from your heart and soul about your DREAM, i.e. the vision of what you truly want for yourself and for the world.


  • Share this letter out loud - either with the group you’re in, or if you’re doing the exercise solo, call someone up or post it below in the comment box ;)


  • Then go play, have fun, be yourself to the max. Don’t take it all so seriously.


Tomorrow happens to be a significant astrological event - the New Moon in Sagittarius - which, according to Mystic Mama, is “a time of aligning with our deepest truth and having the courage to move, express and create from our center.”


Go with that feeling!


You have the power to create what you want.


Tell me in the comments below what you're ready to shake off, and what your heart and soul are really craving right now. 


I’ll leave you with something I wrote earlier this month while the sun was setting over the ocean. Use any part of it as an affirmation for yourself if it applies, and if not, please write your own.

sunset in santa barbara

I believe in myself.

I believe in my ability to create life and beauty and joy and abundance and health and a meaningful imprint on this planet.

I believe in the power of creativity and artistic expression.

I believe in this earth, I believe in the moon.

I believe in a universal connection to something greater.

I believe in dance.

believing in you,