the best new creative business tactic

Guys, I have a groundbreaking discovery to share with you this week.


Especially if you’re in a place where you feel like you’re trying really hard to get your passions going but are still hitting a wall, or you’re working many many hours and left feeling exhausted and drained.


This one’s for you.


I’ve been there and have worked so hard trying to get certain business things going until I practically was banging my head against a wall.


I’ve been at my laptop til all hours of the night “working” on stuff, feeling like it’s ok since it’s work that I actually love. (But it’s left me feeling too tired to go dance class or do something as simple as food shopping. Not a sustainable model!)


I’ve experienced the shame and stress of having no one sign up for a program that I had put my heart and soul into creating.


And after all that, here’s the new business tactic I discovered that’s really doing the trick:

It’s the “F*CK IT, HAVE MORE FUN” method.


“Oh, you mean, I can actually go out dancing and socialize with people instead of sitting behind my laptop plotting my next program?”




“Oh, you mean, I really deserve to enjoy myself and have fun, even if I don’t feel super successful with my business at the moment?”

Yes indeed.


“Oh, you’re saying that when I open up to having fun and say f*ck it to the work-more, do-more, push-it model, I actually have a better flow of ideas and income?”




There it is.


Close your laptop.

Stop trying to figure it out.

Grab your dancing partner or find one on Tinder, and go have fun.


I bet you’ll be shocked at what opens up after.


I know I was.


Stay tuned for more on what has opened up - because it might be helpful to you! - but for now, I’m peacing out because the world of fun is calling my name.


handing you your permission slip for fun,

Jess Grippo


6 week

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