what happens after success? the scary thing we need to talk about….

One scary part about putting yourself out there is that you might fail.


Another (even scarier part) is that you might succeed.

If you put your best work out there and do something really great and it happens to be well-received, then what?


→ More people will see you and hear you and potentially judge you.

→ People will expect more of you.

→ You may question whether or not you’ll ever create anything as good.


Pretty terrifying on all fronts, right?


Personally, I’ve felt these fears after every “good” blog post I’ve written or dance piece I’ve created.


“Oh sh*t. There it goes. My last good idea. People liked it...what the hell am I going to do next?!”




“That was just luck. I’ll never be able do another one.”


The only thing I can do in these moments (which happen over and over again, by the way) is to stop thinking about it and just keep writing, dancing and living my life. I keep showing up and I keep creating consistently, whether any of it is “good” or not.


Because here’s the thing -


We don’t control creativity.


We don’t control people’s reactions to what we make.


The only thing we have control over is our commitment to keep going and to keep making space for our creative process. That’s all.


There is no end goal. Sure, there are exciting and important milestones like the Oscars, the talent competition shows, the “big breaks,” - but none of those are the end. In many cases, they are just the beginning.


Your job is to structure your life so that it allows you to continue creating in a sustainable, nourishing way, and to keep practicing and putting yourself out there repeatedly.


Are you up for the job?


Tell me more about your process with success in the comments below.




Here’s a way to take it a step farther:


If you are an entrepreneur or artist (or aspiring entrepreneur or artist) who:


  • wants to bring more of your creative voice into your work

  • feels stuck or at a crossroads in your life and career

  • clings to fears that hold you back from creating the work you truly want to create


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To apply for one of these 5 spots, simply email me a few sentences on what you’re struggling with and why it’s time for you to take action. (Bonus points if you also include how Creative Fridays has helped you!)


to your success and the process beyond it,



p.s. For those of you who have been keeping up with my New York’s Got Talent adventure, here’s the update:


I did not win the audience vote or judges vote in the first round, however, I got fantastic feedback from the judges and found out the next day that I was invited back to the Wild Card night! This is a another chance to perform and possibly move onto the semi-finals.


Here’s the recording of Wednesday’s performance with the judges feedback if you’re curious.

(And yes, today's article is totally relevant for me as I think about "What the hell am I going to perform next!?" The answer is to just get into the rehearsal studio and find out ;)