there’s nothing wrong with being busy

I’ve been noticing a trend that puts shame on being busy.


It seems like the world went from wearing “busy” like a badge of honor (which is not sustainable or healthy) to the other extreme of believing that we should all just be floating around in a zenlike state without a care in the world.


My facebook feed is flooded with advertisements from business gurus who tell me I can make $600,000 in the first month of my business - without any effort! while buying a second home in Hawaii with my family!


There’s an image being projected that the life of a creative business owner means sipping wine at an outdoor cafe and meditating with crystals on your lap all day.


It makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong if my schedule is really full with writing deadlines and meetings and rehearsals, most of which take place in my sweatpants and wild hair that hasn’t been washed in days.


“Oh, no - I’m neglecting my self-care. I’m busy! How much longer can I do this! This can’t be good!”


Stop right there, brain.


I’m going to take the stance - and feel free to join me - that being busy is ok.


Even as I say that, I’m still a huge believer in the value of downtime and in tuning into the cycles and seasons of creativity.


Here’s the thing -


Some parts of the cycle are actually just plain ol’ busy.

Let’s balance out the vision-boards with visceral action.


Let’s stop comparing ourselves to every other artist/entrepreneur/guru out there and instead just focus on our sacred work.


Let’s do the work and learn from it.

Let’s do the work and let it guide us to new openings and discoveries.

Let’s do the work and slowly, maybe without realizing it, we’ll build something bigger than ourselves.

to balanced busy-bodies everywhere,



p.s. One of the things I've been happily busy with is doing really fantastic work with other entrepreneurs and business owners in what I call "creative clarity sessions" - a mix of coaching to help you get your authentic voice out, plus the nitty gritty of actual forming it into powerful and effective copy for your website, blog, etc.

If you know you do powerful work, but can’t seem to communicate it into written words, or if you have something important to say but wish you had the time and gusto to actually get it out there, this is for you. I have limited spots open for this kind of work, and would be happy to share more details and see if it would be a good fit for you. Message me to request details. 

p.p.s. For more thoughts on how to trust the cycles of ups and downs in our creative life and beyond, check out my interview on The Jake Sasseville Show here.

p.p.p.s. You're cool.