...and sometimes you need to NOT be busy

In follow up to last week’s post about how there’s nothing wrong with being busy, I wanted to take a moment to highlight the fact that there’s also nothing wrong with doing nothing.


It fits well into the theme I created for this month:march theme mystery

"and then she MARCHed forward, still anchored by the mystery"


As we transition into Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, more light is here. More light is on its way. The days will continue to get longer until mid-June.


In a culture already over-saturated with lights and screens, we now also have more of the Sun to guide us into action.


This is your reminder to stay anchored in the mystery, the darkness, the deeper parts of you that might not want to see the light all the time.


All facets of your life, and especially your creative process, need to hang out in the unknown for periods of time.


You can’t always be productive. You can’t always be “a light.” You can’t always be in the active part of creation mode.


(Well, you can try, but you’ll probably just burn out. Like a light bulb left on for months at a time.)


Honor your busy modes and then honor your stillness.  There’s a reason we need both of them to thrive.


Where are you on the busy-nothing / light-dark spectrum these days?

Comment below and tell me!


to dancing with the mystery,



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