why am I working SO much, but not making any headway?

Why am I not making any headway?

Why do I feel like a failure?

What am I supposed to be doing with my life?!

Questions like these can plague you for weeks at a time - or even longer.

What I’ve learned is that when you keep the questions in your head, they just stay there.

When you dance through them, you begin to embody answers.


Quick example of this from my own life:


I was feeling frustrated yesterday morning because I woke up late, launched right into work, and didn't do my morning dance. I was tired of doing so much "outreach" in my search for more dance teaching gigs, as well as filling my current group coaching program.


The question was: “Why does it feel like I’m not making any headway but I’m working SO much?!”

So I remembered my own advice and took an emergency dance break.


In an empty studio at the YMCA, I danced it out hard.


And then it was like magic happened - within an hour after dancing:


  • someone signed up online for my group coaching program

  • someone signed on to work with me as a copywriting client

  • someone called me back from a nearby dance studio that opened up a huge door for my teaching.




Dance IS the answer.


It got me out of my head and the cycle of trying to "figure everything out" and it made me more receptive to these opportunities.

Call it manifestation, call it the law of attraction, call it whatever you want, but in my book it's simply DANCE.


So remember next time you hit a wall, feel frustrated, or ask the same question over and over again….

Stop everything and take a dance break.

(Here’s a video prompt for my dance-based exercise to access your truth and get you unstuck!)


Magic happens if you simply decide to move your body.


So! That brings me to a special invitation for you -


If you could use more of THAT kind of magic in your life, listen up -

Did you Find Your Rhythm yet?

In this 6-week self-guided online program, I will take you through powerful and effective dance-based practices, writing tools, resources, and coaching lessons, that will help you manifest your creative project, business idea, and/or your unique voice into this world.

Check it out here.

dancing into the answers,


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