you don’t have to pick just one creative passion.

--> If you have multiple interests and creative inclinations...

--> If you cringe when people ask you, “What do you do?” because the real answer is a mile-long...

--> If you don’t want to box yourself into Just. One. Thing…..

This article is for you.


My short answer is: You don’t have to pick just one thing.


And here’s the longer answer of why that is:


Let’s use the example of basic human biology.

Women aren’t born with one single egg in their ovaries. They are born with thousands. Each month hundreds of them grow until one (or sometimes 2 or 3) gets big enough to be hatched into ovulation and released from its sac.


That egg has the potential to be fertilized and create new life. If it’s not fertilized, it’s released and the whole process starts again.


Nature makes sure we don’t put all our eggs in one basket. It gives us cycles so that the multitude of eggs contained within us have chances to be hatched at different times.


Why would your creativity be any different?

eggs in multiple baskets

Give your multiple creative eggs time to marinate. There’s nothing wrong with having many of them in your basket. In fact, it’s basic biology and smart survival to do so.


Take turns tending to each of them. You’ll know when the time is ripe to fertilize one, and that will guide you naturally into spending more focused time on one of your growing creative babies. (for 9 months? or more? Who knows. You’ll know when you get there.)


Instead of feeling ashamed for not being more focused, get excited and proud of all the potential creative life that’s inside you!


Comment below and tell me:


What are YOUR multiple passions?

Are any of them calling for your attention right now?

Say it outloud and we’ll all feel less alone in our multi-passionate pursuits.


loving all your creative eggies,



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