emotions are fleeting. THIS is what's solid.

Sometimes I look back at old posts or photos and feel like I’m looking at a stranger.


dumbo dance

In the moments when I feel uncertain or scared of the future, it’s hard to remember that there was once a time when I was confident.


In the moments when I feel super jazzed about life and on-fire with my work, I can look back on the sad or confused moments with compassion for that version of myself.


In the span of a week alone, I’ve felt both sides of that.


And I remembered -


This is why I make art. This is why I make dance videos.

Life might not make sense all the time, but dancing through it is the way I can leave my mark and make some sense of the feelings. I can say to the world, “I was here! I lived through THIS thing, in THIS moment, feeling THIS feeling.” It might not translate literally, but what’s more important is that the feeling moves through me.


The point is, emotions are fleeting.

What’s solid is the truth within you and what you create in the world around you.


Are you connected to that truth inside of you?

Are you expressing it out into the world?

What structure do you have in place to support your dreams?


As you might have heard, I’m currently accepting applications for the Thriving Artist’s Program, my signature 6-month coaching program that provides the structure and support necessary to coax your creative truth to the surface and give you the confidence to share it in the world.


I recognize the ups and downs of a creative life, and I don’t think anyone should have to feel alone it.


If you’re curious about what creative support could look like for you in 2016, I encourage you to read more and fill out an application here.


I’ve heard back from applicants who got more clarity and had a-ha moments, just from the process of just filling it out alone.


Once you fill out the application, I’ll be in touch about setting up a time for a complimentary 1-1 call with me.


(FYI - All spots for next week are full, except for 3 slots on Monday 1/18, and those slots will go to the first 3 people who fill out their application today.)


I’ve been getting questions from you wondering what the structure of the program looks like, where it’s located, and how much it costs.


So I’ve added more details to the application page which you can find here:



If you don’t decide to apply, I of course still love you and will be back next week as usual with Creative Fridays.


But I really encourage you to do it. There’s nothing to lose except old versions of yourself that are no longer serving the bigger dreams ready to emerge.


Let’s do this. Together.


with compassion for all our changing emotions,


p.s. I know it’s a time of Mercury Retrograde, lots of transition, and the unknown of a new year staring back at us, so I recognize that it might not feel like the right time to commit to anything. Just letting you know that there are other options available if this particular program is not a fit. You’ll never know what’s possible unless you take the first step.