when you don’t know, don’t isolate.

I’m learning that there’s a difference between a.) taking conscious alone time - i.e. meditating, reflecting, connecting to yourself and spirit - and b.) isolating yourself in a silently self-destructive kind of way.


Last week when I threw out all my 2016 plans, I almost threw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak.


I had signed up for a coaching program back in November to get support for myself and my business as I grow into 2016, but with the way I was feeling, I wanted to back out. My left-brain/ego was really strong in telling me that I already had business experience and I just needed to figure things out on my own. Plus, I wasn’t clear on exactly what I wanted to create, so how could I be part of a group like this?


Then I got on the phone with the leader of the group a few nights ago, and when I said the words, “I don’t want to move forward with this program,” I felt sad and anxiety arose in my chest. As we continued to talk, the emotions welled up in me until I started crying, in the ugly-cry wailing kind of way. Release.


Through this powerful experience my body was giving me, I got the clarity that actually I didn’t want to move forward alone. Actually, I was terrified of the impending changes that I felt were brewing and something deep inside of me wanted community and support.


The simple experience of being heard on this phone call, knowing that the person on the other end of the line was holding space for my growth and expression, was profound. I felt at ease, everything felt possible again. I couldn’t have gotten to that place alone.


And that’s when it all tied together for me:


Connection. Community. Holding space for each other’s growth and truest expression.


That’s why I write this blog. That’s why I lead my dance and coaching programs.


Because yes, alone time is important, but isolation is self-destructive.


With support, we can find true healing and growth and opportunities that we never knew existed.


Especially in the moments of not knowing, of floundering in the darkness reaching for something to grasp hold of - that’s when we most need a hand to hold.


Consider this post the extension of my hand to yours.


Will you take it?


Are you curious to see what getting a new kind of support could look like for you?


If the answer is yes, let’s talk.


I’m officially opening up applications to the Thriving Artist’s Program, a 6-month journey for artists and artists-at-heart-who-are-scared-to-admit-they-are-an-artist to connect to the truths within you, own your value, and get past whatever’s blocking you from sharing your expression with the world.


(Click here to apply)


When you apply, you’ll be considered for one of the 9 complimentary spots I have open for Creative Guidance Sessions.


This is your chance to have 30-40 minutes of my full attention on your personal goals, dreams, and struggles, to uncover truths within you, to envision a thriving future for yourself, and co-create the steps to getting there.


But it’s not for everyone.


It’s only for you if you really feel it’s time:


It’s time to stop hiding and isolating yourself.

It’s time to stop making excuses.

It’s time to dance through your fears - even if the future feels unknown.

Especially if the future feels unknown.


Click here to apply to the Thriving Artist’s Program.


If I sense that what you’re going through is a match for what I provide, I’ll send you more instructions for claiming one of the spots to talk to me.


Doors close next Friday, so the time is now.


I hope you’ll take my hand.


tapping on your heart,



p.s. At our Showcase last month, one of our recent graduates from the program, Toccara, told us about how she “really didn’t like people” before starting the program, and tended to keep herself isolated. This was what she had to say upon completing our work together:


Toccara_Castleman_Headshot“I started the TAP program with a pretty high expectation- for Jess to help transform my life. Low and behold - in just six months - she did. When Jess and I first started working together I was a frustrated writer, a frustrated actress, a timid singer and a frantic creative with little time outside of my 9 to 5 to actually create. Put simply, I was pretty tightly wound and confused about which creative path I should travel in my limited free time.


“Jess and I started off by simply talking one-on-one and soon after these early conversations, I realized that having a caring and compassionate person to connect to, who is also an artist, was a necessary element that was missing from my life. Jess created an open space where I was allowed to speak candidly about my aspirations and my fears, and through this I was able to start clearing out all the mental clutter, and start creating again.


“While working with Jess I started to develop a t-shirt business, Love Always, TC; I created a singing project for myself that I will also be filming and editing; and I sang in front of an audience at the showcase - conquering a fear that had confined and defined me for years. I'm also writing again and it's no longer a source of frustration. Furthermore, I've thrived from learning how to create opportunities for myself, rather than waiting for someone else's approval or validation.


“The Thriving Artists Program offered opportunities for me to grow as an artist individually, yet the program also created a loving community of camaraderie through group video calls and artist retreats with other women. We were able to be a source of creative support and outreach for one another, which I found really comforting. I feel like I've made some lasting connections with other creative women that will last for years to come.”


What are YOU waiting for?

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